Meet Belinda van der Merwe – Chairperson of FFETA

Belinda van der Merwe was re-elected at the recent AGM, and is now serving her second term as Chairperson.

After 28 years in strategic planning, Belida began her career in the fire industry in 2012, which was a milestone year in many ways.

She took the job as manager at Delacon Fire to find her true passion. This change from an abstract planning environment to a tangible, practical and regulated environment required Belinda to seriously devote herself to address the challenges of starting a new business from afresh and to re-skill.

Fortunately, the fire industry has many persons willing to share their knowledge. After successful completion of IFE Level 2 and registering as SAQCC Fire 1475 serviceman, Belinda started to build a strong network of mentors. Her commitment and realisation of her strengths and weaknesses helped both Belinda and her mentors to get the best out of the relationship.

In her spare time, Belinda enjoys nature photography, especially in the Kruger National Park. The welfare and plight of animals are issues very close to her heart, and as a result Belinda has adopted many rescue dogs and actively supports animal welfare organisations. She firmly believes in the life philosophy of “pay it forward” – a myriad of small gestures creates a ripple effect of kindness.