Services Manufacture Import Design Install Maintenance
Fire Hose reels.   YY
Fire Hydrants   YY
Fire Extinguishers.   YY
Safety and symbolic signs. / customised signage   YY
Fire equipment protection cabinets / covers    YY
Fire fighting Equipment / fittings eg. branch pipes,stand pipes, breechings , layflat fire hydrant hoses, etc   YY
Fire extinguishing mediums eg foams / powders / liquids / gases etc   YY
Fire / Safety risk assessments   Y 
Fire / Safety protective clothing / equipment   Y 
First Aid Kits / Medical Accessories   Y 
Fire detection systems    YY
Fire Suppresion systems   YY
Aspiration Smoke Systems   YY
Water sprinkler systems   YY
Intergrated fire systems, evacuation and fire telephone systems   YY
Fire alarm systems eg audible / visual/ strobe types   YY
Fire rated doors / curtains / smoke vents / dampers   YY


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