• Established in 2003, providing installations, service and maintenance of  fire detection, prevention and gas suppression systems.
  1. Member of the Fire Protection Association of South Africa (FPASA)
  2. Member of the Fighting Equipment Traders Association (FFETA)
  3. SABS SANS 1475 Accredited
  4. Member Of South African Flame Proof Association (SAFA)


Services Manufacture Import Design Install Maintenance
Fire Hose reels.   YY
Fire Hydrants   YY
Fire Extinguishers.   YY
Fire fighting Equipment / fittings eg. branch pipes,stand pipes, breechings , layflat fire hydrant hoses, etc   YY
Fire fighting tenders eg Fire Engines / bakkies / trailers   YY
Fire detection systems    YY
Fire Suppresion systems   YY
Water fire suppression systems eg mist / deluge types   YY
Fire alarm systems eg audible / visual/ strobe types   YY


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