code of ethics

Member of FFETA abide by a code of coduct embracing the following:

To act with integrity, dedication and responsibility at all times, uphold standards, and avoid any action contrary to the public interest that would bring the Association or the industry into disrepute.

Decline to act in a professional capacity unless capable, qualified and competent to do so.

Uphold the highest degree of professional conduct towards clients, colleagues and competitors.

Support improvements to the law and administration, and promote beneficial legislation or other measures affecting the Association and the fire fighting equipment industry.

Subscribe to the highest level of safe working practices through training, skills development and daily disciplines.

All FFETA Corporate and Branch members must:
1. Conform to the SABS Qualification relevant to their section of the industry.
2. Carry public liability insurance for at least R500 000.
3. Hold a FFETA recognised certificate of competence for each employee engaged in service maintenance.