Imported CO2 Fire Extinguishers

SABS has started going around doing post permit audits on the SANS 1567 approved companies. They are checking if the conformity assessments are being done as per the PER. As far as can be determined, NONE of the companies supplying Carbon Steel type CO2 extinguishers have been able to show conformity assessments being done.

The necessary documentation to conduct the conformity assessments is only available for Alloy Steel and Aluminium Alloy type CO2 extinguishers. The reason being, although there is approved design standards listed in SANS 10019, (Appendix A) the material available from steel mills does not fall within the specification stipulated in these design standards regarding “Carbon content”. The CK45 which is generally used falls outside the stipulated parameters. Therefore the ILAC approved laboratories will not issue certification for it, without which the conformity assessments as required cannot be performed.

The SABS issued a letter in this regard to manufacturers. This may impact on the SABS approval of these type of extinguishers. FFETA will pursuit this matter further with DOL and the SABS. The SABS representative at the October FFETA meeting stated that this would not be retrospective on existing units in the market. However, FFETA would like to obtain clear guidelines from DOL regarding this matter and will report back to our members as soon as further statements are issued by any of these regulatory bodies.