SAQCC Fire – 1475 subcommittee for the training portfolio have disclosed proposed changes to the structure for the registration of persons involved in the maintenance of fire equipment together with the curriculum. These proposals still need to be finalized by the committee.

Proposed levels of registered persons:
  • Unregistered Assistant – to determine suitability for further training to become a Trainee Fire Extinguisher Serviceman
  • Registered Assistant – Trained on the health & safety issues and certain permitted fire extinguisher maintenance tasks but excluded from any pressure related work.
  • Trainee Fire Extinguisher Serviceman – Must have completed the 5 day SAQCC Fire serviceman’s course before registration can take place. To complete a 6 month practical training period.
  • Competent Fire Extinguisher Serviceman – qualified and registered. Further training modules to complete.
  • Advanced Fire Extinguisher Serviceman – Voluntary registration - Further courses completed for competency for on-site fire surveys, risk assessments and emergency exit routes and evacuation procedures.