Shortcomings in the compliance of imported CO2 extinguishers with the PER

It has been brought to light that CO2 Fire extinguishers imported since 2009 do not comply with the PER requirements except those stamped with the CE mark and as could be substantiated with the necessary conformity assessment certificates.

This follows on a meeting held in July 2016 between DOL, the SABS and the SAQCC. It was established that the 2009 PER requirements included the requirements that imported extinguishers should have been submitted to the SABS with evidence of a conformity assessment review. However, this did not happen and therefore it had to be concluded that many extinguishers supplied in the market, did not comply with the PER. The SAQCC Fire 1475 has subsequently requested a concession from DOL in writing that CO2 extinguishers manufactured since 2009 to current, should be allowed to stay in service, providing that an addendum be made to SANS 1475 which requires CO2 extinguishers manufactured since 2009 and that are NOT CE-marked, be pressure-tested within a 5 year cycle and thereafter again, as per the 10-year interval. This concession is still under review by the DOL.

In light of these events, FFETA is urging importers of CO2 extinguishers to ensure that they resubmit their imported units to the SABS for review specifically to ensure that the conformity assessment certificates are verified by the SABS. FFETA did voice its concern to the SABS earlier this year that the latter did not have the facilities to test extinguishers, but it was confirmed by the SABS in the last month, that they are able to test extinguishers.

FFETA members are also urged to request suppliers of CO2 extinguishers to show evidence of their conformity assessment certificates and current SABS approval certificates.

FFETA will advise its members of any progress in this regard!