About us

FFETA was formed in 1973 for the benefit of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of fire fighting equipment and their customers.

Our main aims are to inform members and encourage customer satisfaction through product integrity and our Code of Conduct.

We are committed to promoting high standards in equipment, workmanship, maintenance and service to the public – and ethical conduct within the industry. We also take the responsibility of eradicating any harmful business practices that might affect the industry.

Anyone involved in the manufacture, wholesale or retail of fire fighting equipment is urged to join FFETA – click here to find out how membership benefits you.

The Association is managed by an Executive Committee of members elected, appointed, or co-opted during the Annual General Meeting. Office-bearers serve in an honorary capacity and receive no remuneration for services rendered.

Code of Conduct

FFETA promotes high standards in equipment, workmanship, maintenance and service to the public – and ethical conduct within the industry. We also take the responsibility of eradicating any harmful business practices that might affect the industry.

The FFETA Code of Conduct outlines the essential principles required to successfully maintain professional integrity and quality within the industry. The Code of Conduct has been drafted in order to establish a key foundation in an industry that is growing bigger as the country continues to develop.

  • Members hold the responsibility of analyzing their own ethical rules and guidelines to ensure compliance.
  • Each member is responsible for employee compliancy.
  • Each member is required to be informed about development and changes in the industry.
  • Participation in meetings and related activities is advised.
The Purpose of this code of conduct is to protect integrity and reputation.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Honest and Ethical Conduct: All members of FFETA must act in accordance with the highest professional standards, exhibiting professional integrity, honesty, and ethical conduct, to safeguard the reputation of the industry and Association and avoid illegal trade practices.
  2. Fair Dealing: Each member should deal fairly with customers, suppliers and competitors. Members should refrain from taking unfair advantage of any individual, strive for professional excellence, keep up to date on emerging issues and potential problems and keep up with legislative developments..
  3. Compliance with Laws, Rules, and Regulations: All Members shall comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations i.e. conforming to SANS requirements: acquire the relevant certificates from regulatory bodies, such as SABS, BSI, SACAS and/or SAQCC Fire, as proof of competency and qualification.
    Each Member must respect the law, rules and regulations
    • Understand and apply legislation
    • Work to improve and change laws and policies
    • Prevent all forms of corruption or illegal activities
    • Respect and protect the client.
  4. Compliance with Code of Conduct: Compliance of the applicable laws, rules or regulations or this Code of conduct is mandatory, as it determines the integrity and reliability of the industry as a whole. Members must take responsibility for their own errors.
    • Be accountable
    • Be responsible
    • Be transparent

Violations of this Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action

Annual General Meeting: 10 November 2022

Click here for minutes from the AGM

Dear FFETA members

I am grateful and want to extent a warm welcome to everyone attending the Fire Fighting Equipment and Traders Association’s (FFETA) Annual General meeting of 2022 here at Sami. G Office Square on behalf of the FFETA Executive Committee Members.

This is the last AGM meeting of the current Executive Committee. Previously the Committee and Chairperson were nominated on a year-on-year basis. At a Special General Meeting of FFETA on 14 November 2019, Section 7 of the Constitution was amended to read as follows: “The Executive Committee shall elect from its members, a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Treasurer, who shall take office after the closure of the Annual General Meeting. These shall serve in such capacity for a period not exceeding three successive years and may be re-elected/re-appointed. No person may serve more than two consecutive terms in the position of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson or Treasurer.”

2022 was another excellent year for us. We hit some key milestones and inaugural events.

We had to say goodbye to three Executive Committee members. Dawid Oberholzer resigned due to work pressure. Dawid assisted FFETA to design the new logo. Dawid was a representative from the insurance industry. Then I also received Dan Dibden’s resignation. Dan indicated that work and company responsibilities outweighed the time to be able to stand as Executive Committee member. I want to thank both Dawid and Dan for the time and effort they have put into FFETA.

Then it is with great sadness that FFETA has to say goodbye to Jeremy Kellet.

But it is not a forever goodbye. Jeremy and his wife share an intense appreciation for nature and specifically the Kruger National Park. Jeremy earned his stripes in FFETA well and truly. He served on the FFETA Executive Committee since 1985 for over 37 years (11 of them as Chairperson). Jeremy is fully retired now, and he indicated that he would no longer be able to guarantee his participation at the various FFETA meetings. Jeremy also resigned from the SABS Committees he served so well on. FFETA has always been a P-Member (Participating member with a vote) at these SABS meetings. Jeremy, you are a FFETA warrior that was forging ahead despite difficult meetings and challenges in the committees where you presented FFETA. I am doubtful if your commitment to FFETA will soon be matched.

I want to highlight some of the challenges and milestones of FFETA:

  • FFETA has a Constitution which sets firm principles for good governance of a voluntary association.
  • FFETA has clean audits since 2008 conducted by reputable auditors. The Executive Committee is very cautious and aware that the Association belongs to its members and is accountable to the members.
  • FFETA refrained from embarking on unrealistic goals – like becoming a third-party inspectorate in an already very regulated industry. These types of actions have huge financial implications and usually result in a flight of members as fees start to sky-rocket.
  • The Executive Committee consists of experts in the fire industry from diverse backgrounds.
  • The Association does not experience a high turnover of existing members. The member base is stable and has a steady growth, despite difficult periods such as in 2020 and 2021 when Covid dictated every aspect of our lives and had serious economic consequences.
  • FFETA currently has 113 Corporate, 3 Branch and 2 Affiliate members – therefore 118 members. Since January 2022 the FFETA membership has grown with 11 NEW MEMBERS. And if one takes into consideration that not all applications for Corporate Membership were approved by the Executive Committee - as not all application criteria were met, the growth could have been more.
  • FFETA also has representation on the SANAS Steering Technical Committee and the PER Working Committee. These committees are important as they regulate vessels under pressure.
  • FFETA representation at the SANS working committees also played an integral role in the revision of SANS 1475 Part 1 & 2 – which is still in process, SANS 10105 Part 1 & 2 (2021) and SANS 1910 (2022). The latter 2 Standards review have been finalised and were published. SANS 543 (2019) – the SANS standard for fire hose reels with semi rigid hoses has also been revised and published.
  • FFETA is also well represented at SAQCC because it has a seat as per the Memorandum of Incorporation of SAQCC Fire and through individual FFETA members serving on the different bodies. This ensures healthy debates and cross pollination of ideas that are presented by FFETA representatives at steering and technical committees of the SABS and the PER Forum.
  • Our functions are legendary and are gaining momentum. This year we had functions in Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Bloemfontein. At these functions business connections are strengthened, give you as business owner access to new information, gain different perspectives and most importantly develop long-lasting personal relationships.
  • FFETA embarked this year on a social responsibility project. At the charity golf day hosted by FFETA on 13 May 2022 at the beautiful Blue Valley Golf Club in Midrand where a full course with some 30 four balls took part in the event.
  • The sum total raised at the end of the day was R75 000 and FFETA rounded this up to R100 000 which was donated directly to “Children of Fire”. Sometimes the victims of fire incidents are also the most vulnerable in society. With this donation FFETA acknowledged its obligation to also return something back to the community. The bottom-line is not only about a balance sheet but also the welfare of a part of the community that are vulnerable and are the victims of tragic fire incidents.
  • FFETA also want to extent their gratitude to Accu-SHERQ for their generous sponsorship of all the trophies at the golf day. They also indicated that they will sponsor the trophies for the 2023 golf day.

In 2023 FFETA will celebrate its 50th birthday! Please follow FFETA on social media. There are also some plans that are in their very early stages, but FFETA look forward to sharing them with you all soon.

After 5 years of chairperson of FFETA I am stepping down. I want to thank all the Executive Committee members that served during my time as chairperson for their continuous support. I couldn’t have asked for better guidance than that of the previous chairperson Lizl Davel and my then vice chair, Astrid Wright, when I was elected as new chairperson. As a relative newcomer to the fire industry, FFETA was the place where I learned so much and realised that the fire industry is actually small. In a manner everyone is connected.

Then, my backstop, the Administrative Officer of FFETA, Rosemary Cowan, always kept me on the straight and narrow as chairperson. Rose’s disciplined work ethics are contagious. There is just no room for error. Nothing is left to chance.

Our success is also directly linked to the hard work of our team. I’d like to personally thank every Committee member for their energy, commitment, and consistency in driving FFETA forward.

FFETA looks forward to continuing to break barriers in 2023 with you all.

Yours faithfully


Complaints and Compliments

Both complaints and compliments are considered confidential in that they refer to interactions between two or more parties to which the FFETA Committee weren’t privy but are prepared to act in a conciliatory role only, unless there’s evidence that the member has acted in a manner that has the potential to bring the association into disrepute.

There are three categories of complaints/compliments. Below are the steps that will be followed with regard to each. In each case, please download the complaint form, complete and return to rosemary@saqccfire.co.za

  1. Commercial
    • Complaint/compliment (in writing) will be presented to the FFETA committee
    • Both complaints and compliments will be redirected to the member
    • Inform the originator of the complaint/compliment of the action taken
    • Close File
  2. Technical
    • Complaint/compliment will be presented to the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer (Executive) and if believed valid would then be presented to the FFETA committee
    • Complaint will be submitted to the appointed 3rd Party Inspectorate* at FFETA’s cost
    • Both complaints and compliments will be redirected to the member along with notification
    • Findings of the 3rd Party Inspectorate will be heard by committee and any omissions or queries identified will be redirected back to the 3rd Party Inspectorate to answer
    • Based on the findings and recommendations of the 3rd Party Inspectorate, the committee will consider the following options:
      1. Close the file based on the matter having been successfully resolved and give notice of same to both parties
      2. Refer the matter to the authorities (Local Authority, Chief Inspector for the Department of Labour, the South African Police Services) along with the report from the 3rd Party Inspectorate and give notice of same to both parties
      3. Close File

  3. * Since committee members are predominantly employed by FFETA Members and it would place them in a difficult position to adjudicate a technical matter by a competitor, technical issues are refered to a 3rd Paty Inspectorate acceptable to FEETA, based on their technical knowledge and experience with the equipment named in the complaint. A 3rd Party Inspectorate is a company that offers this service, does not compete in the market place with those who design, install or maintain and is not associated or connected with another who design, install or maintain the equipment in question.

  4. Conduct of Members
    • Complaint / compliment will be presented to the FFETA Executive Committee (the Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer) and if believed valid would then be presented to the FFETA Committee
    • The Executive Commitee will appoint a committee member to investigate a complaint and report back to committee their findings and opinion
    • Both complaints and compliments will be redirected to the member
    • On hearing the feedback from the appointed committee member with regards to a conduct complaint, committee will adopt remedial action where appropriate and notify the member of that decision
    • Complainant will be thanked for their participation and informed of the outcome of the action taken without giving details
    • Member will be advised of committee’s decision. Member has right of appeal which must be submitted in writing within 30 days when it will be referred to an independent arbitrator and each party will carry his own costs
    • Close File

Memorandum of Incorporation

Please download the relevant documents:

Meet the Committee

Pre Govender Pre Govender Chairperson – Firecheck Pre holds the position of Operations Manager at Fire Check, and is solely responsible for the company's fire stopping division, as well as its SANAS accredited test station and ISO 9001 quality system.

Pre is a qualified assessor and facilitator and holds an array of fire and safety related certificates.
Sean Okhuysen Sean Okhuysen Vice Chairperson – Woodlands Fire Sean is the General Manager of Woodlands Fire. He has been involved in the fire industry since 2011 and participates in the development and growth of the industry. He is involved in several SABS technical committees, actively engaged in drafting and updating various SANS standards relating to the fire industry.

He also has a keen interest in cricket umpiring, and a passion for the upliftment of cricket in South Africa.
Neil Tyler Neil Tyler Treasurer CV to follow
Rosemary Cowan Rosemary Cowan Administrator Rosemary emigrated to South Africa in December 1989 and began working for FFETA in May 1990 when her father, Frank Sims, was the Administrator.

She took over the position after his death in July 1997, and assumed the position of Administrator of SAQCC (Fire) after its inception in 1999.
Belinda van der Merwe Belinda van der Merwe Delacon Fire Belinda is a SAQCC Fire 1475 fire technician and an Affiliate Member of the Institution of Fire Engineering. She is involved in the fire industry since 2012 and co-owner of Delacon Fire. She is also a member of the SAQCC Fire 1475 Committee. Belinda is a serious amateur photographer and has a keen interest in wildlife and the protection of endangered species. She is also a Professional Planner since 1992.
Lizl Davel Lizl Davel Atlas Fire Security Lizl is the director of Atlas Fire Security. She is currectly the Chairperson of SAQCC Fire and was previously Chairperson of FFETA from 2015 until 2017.
Meshak Gabeni Meshak Gabeni Mega Fire Meshak holds a B.Com from the University of North and a certificate in General Management from the Institute of People Development. He is the founding member and managing director of his own company, Mega Fire and has over 30 years experience. Over the years he has served on various industry bodies and is a past Chairman of FFETA.
Pontsho Matsha Pontsho Matsha Dot Multi Fire (Pty) Ltd Pontsho holds a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering with TUT. He is a Co-Director of Dot Multi Fire (Pty) Ltd. specialists in Fire Detection and Gas Suppression System.
Johan Pretorius Johan Pretorius Safequip Johan studied ND (Tech) diploma (mechanical) and always worked in manufacturing. He joined the fire security industry in 1993 and became Manufacturing Manager at an international fire extinguisher manufacturing facility. His expertise is in manufacturing and technical specifications of fixed and portable fire equipment, fire suppression systems and dry chemical fire extinguishing powder (DCP). He’s currently an SABS SC and TC committee member.
Bevan Wolff Bevan Wolff Accu-SHERQ Risk Consultants After 22 years with Johannesburg Fire and Emergency Services, Bevan joined the Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa as Fire Specialist: Training. In 2008, he moved to Marsh Insurance before rejoining the Association, as Senior Technical Consultant and finally General Manager. In 2017, Bevan was appointed General Manager at Accu-SHERQ Risk Consultants.

Bevan is involved in fire-related technical committees of the South African Bureau of Standards. He presents a paper on Fire Safety Legislation at the North West University’s Centre of Environmental Management. Bevan is also a committee member of both the SAQCC Fire and FFETA. He also presents training on behalf of the Institution of Fire Engineers (SA), of which he is a Council member.

About us

FFETA was formed in 1973 for the benefit of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of fire fighting equipment and their customers.

Our main aims are to inform members and encourage customer satisfaction through product integrity and our Code of Conduct.

We are committed to promoting high standards in equipment, workmanship, maintenance and service to the public – and ethical conduct within the industry. We also take the responsibility of eradicating any harmful business practices that might affect the industry.

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