Application for Membership – Terms & Conditions

In submitting their membership application and supporting documents, applicants declare that they are duly authorised by the company to do so; that all the information supplied is correct; and that they have read, understood and agree to abide by the association's code of conduct, its constitution and rules in their entirety. Applicants undertake to keep abreast of changes and ensure that all personnel with the employ of the company will honour and respect these terms and conditions.

Furthermore applicants declare that the company they represent:

  1. Is a separate legal entity registered in terms of the governing Companies Acts and Regulations
  2. Has Public Liability Insurance to a minimum value of R1 million Rand
  3. Has Defective Workmanship Insurance to a minimum value of R50,000 with policy details
  4. Supports improvements to the law and administration, and promotes beneficial legislation or other measures affecting the Association and the fire fighting equipment industry.
  5. Has Defective Product Liability Insurance to a minimum value of R 50,000
  6. Will provide Tax Clearance Certificate annually to prove that the member is of good standing
  7. Is in possesstion of a Certificate of Good Standing with the Workmen’s Compensation Commissioner
  8. Has a current SANS 1475 permit (where applicable)
  9. Has personnel that are registered with SAQCC Fire (where applicable)
  10. Will adhere to the FFETA Code of Conduct

In addition, all facilities management companies (those that outsource work) applying for membership MUST submit the following supportive documents with their application:

  1. Sub-contractor must be a FFETA member
  2. Subcontractor’s agreement signed by both parties indicating scope of work and accreditations
  3. Evidence of subcontractor’s(s’) SABS approval, SAQCC registered competent persons, SANAS accreditation or any other accreditation as relevant

Should such facilities management company make use of another sub-contractor or if the approval or accreditation status of its subcontractor change at any time, it is the responsibility of the facilities management company to inform FFETA and submit supportive documentation otherwise membership can be withdrawn.