Neck rings explained

There are various different types/functions of fire extinguisher neck rings. These are the three main types:

FFETA NECK RINGS These are not a legal requirement, but provided to FFETA members as a quality check and a benefit to their customers to ensure the work is being carried out correctly and enables the customer to see at a glance what year the work was carried out. Non-members are also free to purchase these at an increased cost. One of the benefits of membership of FFETA is the reduced price for neck rings.

PRESSURE TEST RINGS These are used on fire extinguishers to prove they have been serviced correctly and the head removed and indicate the year it was pressure tested by the colour and shape which changes annually.

RECHARGE RECORD RINGS These are supplied mainly to companies that provide services to mines where the labels on the extinguishers become damaged and cannot be read. The neck ring indicates the age of powder in the extinguisher. These do not change annually but are clipped on ring to indicate the year when the powder was changed