Neck Rings

It was agreed that the FFETA neck rings will NOT increase in price for 2020 so the cost remains R255 per bag of 100 to FFETA members. The colour is “blue” and we have it on good authority this will be a very different blue to those for the recharge record rings.

For those normally ordered from the Administration office, you can continue to order these as in the past. However, collection would be made from the Centa Group Warehouse in Jet Park. Centa kindly offered to provide this service whilst the Administration office is closed. For the purchase of neck rings the process will remain the same and you will only be able collect or instruct a courier to do so only after receipt of the actual invoice.

For those companies that collect from Cape Town, Durban and PE , please kindly check with the respective branches prior to placing any orders. Remember, that we can only raise an invoice once the previous invoice has been paid. Statements are sent out monthly for all outstanding amounts.