FES & S Fire Extinguisher Services



As part of the Centa Group, we have pleasure in introducing you to our Company which, having been established since 1967, we feel is able to offer you an efficient, reliable and comprehensive service at very competitive prices.   The company originally started up as a family concern with a policy of providing a more personalised service, which we believe is the key to our having retained the majority of our original clients.

  • Established in 1967, providing an efficient, professional service for over 40 years
  • Awarded the SABS 1475 Mark in April 1992 many years before it became mandatory.
  • Assessed and rated as a Level 4 BEE Contributor.
  • Member of the Fire Protection Association (F.P.A.)
  • Executive Member of the Fighting Equipment Traders Association (F.F.E.T.A.)
  • Member of the SABS Technical Committees responsible for the drafting of the Codes of Practice relating to the servicing of fire equipment.   (SABS 0105 and SABS 1475)
  • Member of the South African Qualification and Certification Committee (1475 Fire)
  • We offer many fire and safety related products and services.


Fire Extinguisher Services (Pty) Ltd were awarded the prestigious SABS 1475 mark in April 1992 and as such have the necessary SABS approval required to carry out reconditioning work on all types of fire extinguishers.

Furthermore, in terms of the requirements, all our Service Technicians are registered with the SAQCC (Fire) and carry the necessary SAQCC (Fire) identification cards.

All work is carried out by trained personnel in accordance with SABS 1475 specifications.  Our mobile workshops are fully equipped enabling our technicians to carry out most of the servicing on site.     In the case of extinguishers having to be taken away for hydrostatic pressure testing or repairs, our company policy is to leave loan extinguishers in their place and ensure that wherever possible, they are returned the following day.



For your protection and peace of mind, we would like to draw your attention to the following which is important to both the Service Provider and the Customer, as they are both legally compelled to comply with these requirements in terms of the OHS Act (1993)

  1. Legislation stipulates that all fire equipment may only be maintained by a Service Company holding the SABS 1475 Mark.
  1. All service technicians must work for a SABS 1475 Mark holding Company and must be registered with the South African Qualification and Certification Committee (Fire) and carry an SAQCC (Fire) Identification Card as proof of registration.

Please ask to see proof of these items, as by utilising the services of a non-registered Company or Service Technician you render yourself liable for prosecution under the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1993.


In terms of existing legislation, all of our Service Technicians have been approved as competent and have been registered with the SAQCC(Fire) – [South African Qualification and Certification Committee(1475 Fire) ]


Our operation and premises have been inspected and certified by the SABS and as such we are holders of the necessary SABS 1475 Mark Permit.    Please be aware that there are many companies operating illegally without the necessary SABS approval and without having registered their service technicians with the SAQCC South African Qualification and Certification Committee (1475 Fire).


Fire Extinguisher Services (Pty) Ltd is one of the foremost suppliers of fire equipment with the majority of our equipment being supplied to Commerce and Industry.   Our success has been achieved as a result of quality products, keen prices and timeous supply supported by an extensive range of services.

Our well-equipped stores carry a comprehensive range of fire equipment and spares ensuring that most orders are executed promptly and delivered ex-stock.  All our products comply with the necessary requirements such as the SABS Mark in order to be supplied into the South African market.




Products & Services

Services Manufacture Import Design Install Maintenance Supply
Breathing apparatus (B.A. Sets) X X
Building Management Systems
Fire / Safety risk assessments X X
Fire / Safety protective clothing / equipment X X
Fire detection systems X X
Fire equipment protection cabinets / covers X X
Fire Extinguishers X X
Fire extinguishing mediums e.g. foams / powders / liquids / gases etc. X X
Fire fighting equipment / fittings e.g. branch pipes, stand pipes, breechings, layflat fire hydrant hoses, etc. X X
Fire Hose reels X X
Fire Hydrants X X
Fire rated doors / cupboards / cabinets for flammable liquids X X
Fire Suppression systems X X
First Aid Kits / Medical Accessories X X
Miscellaneous fire fighting equipment e.g. Ladders, Axes, fire beaters, etc. X X
Safety and symbolic signs / customised signage X X
Water sprinkler systems X X