IBR Fire Company Profile

We at IBR Fire are proud that we have become leaders in our industry by consistently developing, improving and expanding the services offered to our clients without detracting from our commitment to quality and competitive pricing. Our name is derived from the initials of our founding member who demands that , as it is his name that every Quotation, Service Label and Invoice carries, each activity will be conducted as though it were addressed to him. We are a diverse and equal opportunities company.


Established on the 16th August 1990, IBR Fire was introduced into the marketplace to provide all companies and organisation with quality Maintenance and New Supply of all Hand Held Fire Appliances. Through our growth we have introduced Sprinklers, Water reticulation, Pumps, Water Tanks, Fire Detection and Suppression to our product range. We operate from our own premises and employ the latest manufacturing technologies.


In order to achieve a logic that works, bearing in mind the wide range of skills employed within IBR Fire, we have clearly defined each department. Your appointed Sales Consultants will guide each inquiry to the responsible department & monitor progression from the Quote, to Orders, planned work conducted and Customer signing off work done.


Our Sales Team is a group of trained people committed to transparency and integrity. As proof of this, their free audits are detailed to the actual conditions found at each item of fire fighting equipment and, where remedial acton is required, inclusions and exclusions are declared up front in the documents. Their training incorporates the contents of SANS 10400, 10105, 10139, and the ASIB rules as these are what effects our clients. Whilst they have a good grounding on the workings of fire equipment, they are not Technicians and are instructed not to go into technical details. We have other experts to refer to for technical and design related queries who the sales team will call upon to assist when required. When a Consultant is awarded an account, they remain with that account because they are the client's gateway to all of the PRODUCTS and SERVICES offered by IBR Fire.


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To support Customers, Sales Consultants and the Technical Crews a website has been developed over the years that is available to everyone for FREE. It has been structured to accommodate the needs of our entire customer base from Industry to Property Management. Customers are welcome to establish their various sites where they conduct business and record on each site the equipment thereon. When referring to equipment we include Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Hydrants, Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, Sprinklers, Pump Houses and the equipment therein. The customer may create job cards complete with equipment specific Check Lists which they can issue onto their personnel to record monthly / weekly inspections as defined in National Standards and the findings are stored in the equipment's history. Service history performed by ourselves as your contractor is added to the equipment's history that can be seen by the customer's insurance or local authority where the customer has granted them permission to see the records. Where the customer would prefer to conduct the monthly / weekly inspections and record same on paper, they are welcome to download maintenance certificates from the website and print at their convenience. For more details about the website, please visit https://ibrfire.com where all is revealed or ask your Sales Consultant to arrange free training.


IBR FIRE sees each client as a valued client, no mater how small or big. We take the time to ensure that promises made to each of our clients are met and that we have fulfilled their needs. To this end, you as our client can expect the following to occur.

As you are now in possession of our Company Profile, you have been given an overview of the services offered to yourselves by IBR Fire. You have been offered a Free Audit which we trust you have agreed to.


The Second visit comes in a form of a FREE AUDIT that will be conducted on your premises. The observations will be recorded and submitted at a later date in a prescribed format. In this way we can establish what is required and, if necessary make recommendations to bring your Fire Fighting Appliances up to an AGREED STANDARD. Standards are important to us as it directs us to what compliances you are seeking. Many of our customers are foreign owned and they apply standards applicable to the requirements of their Insurers. All costs for servicing and any new equipment will be included in the Quotations, we endeavour to be transparent in our quotes to avoid Variance Orders once the work has commenced.


You will be given a copy of the CONSULTANT REPORT and the contents may be discussed to satisfy any questions you have regarding the report's contents. The report will not reflect the internal status of the equipment nor will it defame your current supplier. This report may be submitted to your Insurers, Fire Department or Factory Inspectorate if desired. We trust that the contents therein will be used constructively and that our competitors who wish to quote against us are required to apply similar effort to establish status of your equipment and overall protection against fire.


This is a general term given to extinguishers and trolleys. Hose reels and hydrants, although not portable, tend to be incorporated because they are usually serviced at the same time as extinguishers. The maintenance of these items is covered in SANS 1475 parts 1 & 2 with part 1 being legislated through the vessels under pressure regulations. The building regulations as published in SANS 10400 addresses both parts. SANS 10105 covers the installation and use of this equipment by the owner.

We enjoy spoiling clients, so we have done the research and most questions can be answered immediately. It is just a mater of making the call and asking the question. Our Servicemen are all registered with the SAQCC (Fire) https://saqccfire.co.za and we are SANS 1475 Mark Holders with the BSi https://www.bsigroup.com/en-ZA/


It is important for us not to remove fire fighting appliances from Client's premises so we ensure that our Technical staff have the resources to conduct the work in the prescribed manner and contain costs. Ergonomics was an important factor that needed to be addressed and experience had taught us that if staff have difficulty in reaching for their tool's and/or components, they tended to work outside of the desired standards. This effectively meant that requiring the Technician and Assistant to climb in and out of the back of bakkies contributed to substandard workmanship. From a management point of view, we needed a more transparent method of storing and transporting tools and components. To these ends, the Mobile Workshops were developed and have become synonymous with IBR Fire. Each Mobile Workshop is equipped in order that all Fire cylinders can be serviced on site except for the recharges of CO² cylinders. CO² cylinders are filled from BULK CO² TANK which, together with it's associated equipment, is a fixture at our workshop.


We design, install and maintain all fire detection and suppression systems in accordance with SANS 10139 and the various suppression standards. As members of the Fire Detection Industry Association (FDIA), we subscribe to the values and quality published at https://www.fdia.co.za Early in 2021 we were awarded the national “Best Contractor” trophy by the FSIB in recognition of our installation quality that they have inspected.


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Design, supply and maintenance of sprinkler installations for buildings, in-rack storage, transformers, Pump Houses and Water Tanks. Design and manufacture is conducted in-house using the latest technologies which is supported through our listings with ASIB (Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau) that may be verified at www.asib.co.za.


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24 hour standby

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The bulk of our clients are account holders with 30 day facilities. We see no advantage with driving the clients to waste time looking for signatures for "Cash Book" payment. Our debtor book is insured through Credit Guarantee.


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Nedbank Account Number:- 1037966856

Branch Code:- 12884200



To achieve a diverse workforce broadly representative of our people

Treat every client equally and proving that their support is valued by keeping promises

Respect and develop people in keeping with their aspirations

Eliminate waste and to Compete in the market with integrity and at market related prices


Our Customer's needs and expectations are correctly identified and satisfied Our Suppliers form an integral role in

satisfying our client's needs. Our employees are developed to their highest potential by actively engaging in training

and transfer of skills Our quality is intrinsically woven into every activity


Warranty of New Product : Provided that the product has not been interfered with or abused, IBR Fire will , without prejudice, replace said product.

Warranty of Workmanship : Provided that the work has not been interfered with, IBR Fire will, without prejudice, rectify said work performed at IBR Fire's account. Insurance cover for Defective Workmanship and Defective Components is in place with our insurers and is up and above the usual Public Liability cover. This additional insurance has been secured to accommodate the unlikely failure of bought in components that form a part of our installation and where our personnel have missed expectations.


Warranties hold firm provided IBR Fire's Service Labels and Seals are intact.


Fire Extinguishers, Trolleys, Suppression Systems and Ceiling Units are governed by the Vessel under Pressure Regulations' contained within the Occupational Health and Safety Act. When it comes to Sprinklers and Detection systems, these normally form a part of the building's occupancy certification and are the domain of Local Authority.

This is especially true where a rational design has been accepted and deviation from SANS 10400 has been applied.

SANS 1475

The SABS have restructured and the SANS 1475 mark scheme has been placed within Global Conformity Services (Pty) Ltd. The Chief Inspector has approved competition to the SABS conditionally that they satisfy the same criteria and to this end the BSi Group bearing the KITE Mark and SACAS have satisfied the South African Accreditation Scheme (SANAS) and have been recognised by the SAQCC (Fire).


A company, that has brought to South Africa, standards and uniformity that the sprinkler industry follows and is used by the insurance industry to report on non-conformities. They are a 3rd Party Inspection body with no conflict of interest with manufacturers, contractors, installers or designers. All new installations conducted by ourselves are automatically submitted to them ahead of commencing work on orders placed in all instances whether or not the customer subscribes to their standards.

Website: htp://www.asib.co.za


A company established to bring desperately needed 3rd Party Inspection to the design, installation and maintenance of Fire Detection and Suppression Systems. Every new installation conducted by ourselves is submitted for inspection at our cost to provide evidence of compliance to the customer.

Website: htp://www.fsib.co.za

SAQCC (Fire)

Not only is this a statutory body where all of our extinguisher technicians are registered, but it is also where IBR Fire has representation on the execute committee. In fact, we were founding members because it makes sense to provide the required skills and then hold accountable the technicians. The SAQCC (Fire) is also a vehicle through which the latest developments can be established and researched through its technical sub-committee.

Website: htp://www.saqccfre.co.za


We're members of these industry associations as they are the perfect vehicles through which technical and quality standards are under constant review and skill development for future technical personnel can be planned and driven. Both associations subscribe to common values based on transparency and technical excellence with the goal to assist the consumer with quality products that satisfy national standards.



Products & Services

Services Manufacture Import Design Install Maintenance Supply
Access Control Systems X X X
Aspiration Smoke Systems X X X
Breathing apparatus (B.A. Sets) X X
Building Management Systems X X X X
Bulk water storage tanks X X
Fire / Safety risk assessments X X
Fire / Safety evacuation systems e.g. annunciation / voice type X X X
Fire / Safety protective clothing / equipment X X
Fire alarm systems e.g. audible / visual / strobe types X X X
Fire detection systems X X X
Fire equipment protection cabinets / covers X X
Fire Extinguishers X X
Fire extinguishing mediums e.g. foams / powders / liquids / gases etc. X X
Fire fighting equipment / fittings e.g. branch pipes, stand pipes, breechings, layflat fire hydrant hoses, etc. X X
Fire Hose reels X X
Fire Hydrants X
Fire Pumps e.g. Jockey / Floating / Fixed / Diesel / Electric X X X X
Fire rated doors / cupboards / cabinets for flammable liquids X X
Fire rated doors / curtains / smoke vents / dampers X X
Fire Retardant / insulation materials X X
Fire Suppression systems X X X X
First Aid Kits / Medical Accessories X X
Foam bund protection systems X X X X
Gas detection equipment e.g. flammable, toxic, non-toxic X X
Integrated fire systems, evacuation and fire telephone systems X X X
Kitchen fire suppression system X X
Miscellaneous fire fighting equipment e.g. Ladders, Axes, fire beaters, etc. X
Safety and symbolic signs / customised signage X X
Specialised foam systems and equipment e.g. helicopter landing areas / land and marine applications X X X X
Water fire suppression systems e.g. mist / deluge types X X X X
Water sprinkler systems X X X X