We are a BBBEE fire company that's 100% black-owned entity that offers a wide range of fire protection services to its customers and clients. The formation of NYONI NYONI TRADING t/a OKUHLE FIRE SERVICES was inspired by government's initiative for development of blaack businesses and an appeal to black society to contribute into building economy through creation of job opportunities for others.

OUR MISSION AND VISION is to become a leading profitable, reputable and independent fire service company in SA that subscribes to principles of transformation, economic growth and development. To offer high quality products at affordable prices to our clientele whilst maintaining high standard of service and maintain social intervention activities for progressive empowerment. 


KwaZulu Natal

Products & Services

Services Manufacture Import Design Install Maintenance Supply
Aspiration Smoke Systems X X X
Fire / Safety evacuation systems e.g. annunciation / voice type X X X
Fire alarm systems e.g. audible / visual / strobe types X X X
Fire detection systems X X X
Fire equipment protection cabinets / covers X X X
Fire Extinguishers X X X
Fire extinguishing mediums e.g. foams / powders / liquids / gases etc. X X X
Fire fighting equipment / fittings e.g. branch pipes, stand pipes, breechings, layflat fire hydrant hoses, etc. X X X
Fire fighting tenders e.g. Fire Engines / bakkies / trailers X X X
Fire Hose reels X X X
Fire Hydrants X X X
Fire rated doors / cupboards / cabinets for flammable liquids X X X
Fire Suppression systems X X X
First Aid Kits / Medical Accessories X X
Kitchen fire suppression system X X X
Miscellaneous fire fighting equipment e.g. Ladders, Axes, fire beaters, etc. X
Safety and symbolic signs / customised signage X X X