The BSI Kitemark is widely recognized by procurement professionals, and those responsible for major infrastructure projects. Our product directory could help you to identify acceptable products for tenders and validation. It allows you to search for approved BSI Kitemark products with their model numbers and descriptions and it makes it easier to identify products and services with the Kitemark.


In addition to our UKAS accreditation, BSI also obtained SANAS accreditation for the following national standards:

SANS 1910:2009 Portable refillable fire extinguishers
SANS 1567:2014 Portable rechargeable fire extinguishers-C02 type extinguishers
SANS 543:2015   Fire hose reels (with semi-rigid hose)
SANS 10139         Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings
SANS 14520        Fixed firefighting systems. Gas extinguishing systems
SANS 1475: 2010 The production of reconditioned portable fire-fighting equipment



Products & Services

Services Manufacture Import Design Install Maintenance Supply
Fire Hose reels.    Y 
Fire Hydrants    Y 
Fire Extinguishers.    Y 
Fire fighting Equipment / fittings eg. branch pipes,stand pipes, breechings , layflat fire hydrant hoses, etc    Y 
Fire extinguishing mediums eg foams / powders / liquids / gases etc    Y 
Fire / Safety risk assessments    Y 
Building Management systems    Y 
Fire detection systems     Y 
Kitchen fire suppression system    Y 
Specialised risk suppression systems    Y 
Gas detection equipment eg flammable, toxic, non-toxic    Y