For nearly 50 years, Centa OFS Fire has been in the forefront of the fire industry, constantly striving to increase our abilities to bring the best possible products, as well as the highest quality of service directly to our customer. Since early 2000, Centa OFS Fire, as part of the larger Centa Group, has grown exponentially allowing us the ability to be one of the largest suppliers of fire equipment, as well as rendering of service, in the entire Free State, Northern Cape and North West regions.

Centa OFS Fire is also the only SANAS approved company, authorized to pressure test high pressure vessels (fire extinguishers) within our region. As part of our commitment, Centa OFS Fire has built our own premises consisting of grounds in excess of 10’000m2 and Office, Warehouse, Workshop and Training Area of nearly 900m2, allowing us to embrace technology to again better our service to our client.

Please bear in mind, technicians working on fire equipment should at all times carry their SAQCC card with them to prove that they are fully trained and rendered capable of handling fire equipment. Fire equipment is life and property saving devices and should therefore never be serviced by anyone without receiving the proper training as required by law. As part of our portfolio, we offer fully registered training with regards to Fire Fighting. All this and more makes Centa OFS Fire the number one choice for all your fire protection needs within our regions.

Products & Services

Services Manufacture Import Design Install Maintenance Supply
Fire Hose reels.   YY 
Fire Hydrants   YY 
Fire Extinguishers.   YY 
Safety and symbolic signs. / customised signage   YY 
Fire equipment protection cabinets / covers    YY 
Fire fighting Equipment / fittings eg. branch pipes,stand pipes, breechings , layflat fire hydrant hoses, etc   YY 
Fire extinguishing mediums eg foams / powders / liquids / gases etc   YY 
Fire / Safety protective clothing / equipment   YY 
First Aid Kits / Medical Accessories   YY 
Fire fighting tenders eg Fire Engines / bakkies / trailers   YY 
Rescue Equipment   YY 
Fire detection systems   YYY 
Fire Suppresion systems   YY 
Aspiration Smoke Systems  YYY 
Vehicle fire suppression systems   YY 
Kitchen fire suppression system   YY 
Water sprinkler systems   YY 
Specialised risk suppression systems   YY 
Fire alarm systems eg audible / visual/ strobe types   YY 
Gas detection equipment eg flammable, toxic, non-toxic   YY 
Fire / Safety evacuation systems eg annunciation / voice type   YY 
Fire Pumps eg. Jockey / Floating / Fixed / Diesel / Electric   YY 
Fire rated doors / cupboards / cabinets for flammable liquids   YY 
Fire Retardant / insulation materials  YYY 
Fire rated doors / curtains / smoke vents / dampers   YY 
Miscellaneous fire fighting equipment eg. Ladders, Axes, fire beaters, etc   YY