We are East Rand Fire (“ERF”), a fire services firm with over 50 years of experience in the fire industry specializing in portable fire equipment, fire detection and suppression systems, commercial sprinkler systems and smoke and natural ventilation.

We ensure that all design, installation and servicing is sound and adheres to legal compliance throughout a building’s lifespan, from start to finish.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a single turnkey solution to our clients for everything facilities compliance related from design and implementation to on-going servicing and maintenance.

We are able to provide our services nationally. We are able to manage all aspects from a single point of contact, allowing our clients the time to focus on what they do best.

We believe communication and trustworthy advice has been a contributing factor to our success over the years.


Our Services

At ERF our goal is your long-term satisfaction, and we want our products to satisfy your needs in a reliable and trouble free solution. That’s why we have high emphasis on comprehensive advice and services throughout the entire project.

There is never any need to settle for anything other than the best when making use of ERF to satisfy your fire safety needs. Tap into our knowledge and expertise. Our teams work with you in order to find out what is the best solution for your fire needs. What’s important is that we install and maintain all the systems provided by us, which delivers a one-stop solution for all your fire needs.

At ERF we pride ourselves on service excellence, quality and integrity. Our key focus at ERF is the sourcing and supplying of the best possible fire solutions for our clients.

We know fire


Products & Services

Services Manufacture Import Design Install Maintenance Supply
Fire Hose reels.   YY 
Fire Hydrants   YY 
Fire Extinguishers.   YY 
Safety and symbolic signs. / customised signage   YY 
Fire equipment protection cabinets / covers    YY 
Fire fighting Equipment / fittings eg. branch pipes,stand pipes, breechings , layflat fire hydrant hoses, etc   YY 
Fire extinguishing mediums eg foams / powders / liquids / gases etc   YY 
Breathing apparatus (B.A Sets)   YY 
Fire / Safety risk assessments  YYY 
Building Management systems  YYY 
Fire / Safety protective clothing / equipment   YY 
First Aid Kits / Medical Accessories   YY 
Fire fighting tenders eg Fire Engines / bakkies / trailers  YYY 
Rescue Equipment   YY 
Fire detection systems   YYY 
Fire Suppresion systems  YYY 
Aspiration Smoke Systems  YYY 
Vehicle fire suppression systems  YYY 
Kitchen fire suppression system  YYY 
Water fire suppression systems eg mist / deluge types  YYY 
Water sprinkler systems  YYY 
Bulk water storage tanks  YYY 
Specialised risk suppression systems  YYY 
Security / CCTV / Access control systems  YYY 
Intergrated fire systems, evacuation and fire telephone systems  YYY 
Specialised foam systems and equipment eg. helicopter landing areas / land and marine applications  YYY 
Foam bund protection systems  YYY 
Fire alarm systems eg audible / visual/ strobe types  YYY 
Gas detection equipment eg flammable, toxic, non-toxic  YYY 
Fire / Safety evacuation systems eg annunciation / voice type  YYY 
Fire Pumps eg. Jockey / Floating / Fixed / Diesel / Electric  YYY 
Access Control Systems  YYY 
Miscellaneous fire fighting equipment eg. Ladders, Axes, fire beaters, etc   Y