DCP Extinguishers - not all the same

DCP Extinguishers - not all the same

A key factor when owning a DCP (Dry Chemical Powder) Extinguisher is to take special note of the manufacturing specifications. This information can be found on the instruction label of the extinguisher itself.

Smaller DCP Extinguishers, also commonly referred to as a “disposable” extinguisher will bear the mark of SANS 1322; Portable non-refillable Fire Extinguishers.

These extinguishers are used on a once off basis and are then discarded. What is interesting and noteworthy to bear in mind is that the service pressures on these extinguishers normally only run to 1000KPA, they also do not require a pressure relief valve, which is a crucial element in serviceable, rechargeable fire extinguishers.

SANS 1910 _ Portable refillable Fire Extinguishers, are the larger type Stored to Pressure extinguisher, such as DCP extinguishers. Their service pressures normally runs to 1400KPA, and must always have a safety relief valve fitted. These extinguishers need to be serviced annually by a registered technician and have their regular pressure tests done at the required intervals.

The difference in the manufacturing codes on these extinguishers might seem like just numbers, however if special note is not taken and a SANS1322 is placed under the nitrogen charge beyond its intended threshold, it could very well end up deadly.

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