SANS standards

SANS standards

SANS 543 – the SANS standard for fire hose reels with semi rigid hoses has now been revised, published and available for purchase.

Revision of SANS 1475 & SANS 10105 Standards
Report by Jeremy Kellett – SABS Liaison Portfolio

The revision process of the four standards has taken an unexpected turn which has resulted in some considerable delay. The incorrect drafts that were sent out for public comment have all since been corrected and sent out to the members of the relevant workings groups to confirm their agreement with the necessary corrections. With Covid19 issues also affecting the process new time frames indicate that at the very best we will only see the drafts being issued for public comment in the second half of the year. It is only at that point that we at FFETA and the other associations will be able to study the drafts and submit comment once again. It is unfortunate that this is happening but there is little we can do until the drafts are once again sent out for public comment when you will all be notified. At best it is forseen that the final updated revised standards will only be printed and published late this year but more likely early next year.

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